Media Activities

Andrew is an experienced psychologist and coach who has conducted numerous ‘psych tests’ over the last 15 years on family groups, individuals and couples as well as advising programme makers on the psychological risks that need to be considered and how to provide a package of care to people following their appearance on TV.  He is adept at tailoring his work to the particular needs of the TV programme and is the main psychologist for a number of well known programmes.



                                        Andrew Kinder on Sky News

He is very reliable and discreet.  He is used to working with confidential information and works to high professional and ethical standards that are required of him.  Previously he was vetted to Top Secret when working for the government and is CRB checked.

Expert opinion

Andrew is often quoted in the professional and national press including radio and TV. Examples are:

1. ‘Men wise up to well-being’ – People Management, May 2009 – includes comments from Andrew Kinder about mental health issues for men.

2. ‘Mindful approach‘ – Occupational Health, June 2009 – highlighting awareness of mental health in the workplace and includes comments from Andrew Kinder.

3. Interviewed live on Sky News during peak time on the impact of the recession on the wellbeing of workers, Jan 2009.

4. Interviewed on French/German TV on how the UK has managed stress and provides counseling support to their employees, Oct 2009.

5. Interviewed in 2008 on two Radio programmes as a follow up to an AXA debt management campaign to highlight the importance of being honest about your finances and getting help to reduce stress.

6. Interviewed on Radio Manchester; suicide & sudden death, Dec 2006.

7. Quoted in ExpertHR article on Employee Assistance Programmes, August 2010.

8. Quoted in Workplace Savings and Benefits, October 2012

9. Quoted in Employee Benefits, September 2012

10. Article published on Ascent/Atos ‘Top tips to optimise working from home’. Published 13 Jan 2015

11. Article published on Data Protection Act in Spring issue of Counselling at Work Journal

12. Article published in Ascent/Atos ‘The business impact of a healthier workforce’. Published 3 March 2015

13. Quoted in article in the Times on ‘How to avoid stress at work’. Published 24 March 2015

14. Article published in Business Matters ‘It’s easy to get stressed about stress’. Published 8 April 2015.

15. Article publishd on Ascent/Atos ‘Have you joined the cult of busy’. Published 21 April 2015

16. Article published in WorkLAB ‘Fostering good mental health in the workplace’. Published 12 May 2015.

17. Response published in BACP Therapy Today to letter on EAPs and affiliate counselling. Published June 2015.

18. Article published in Total Jobs ‘How to handle stress in the workplace’. Published 6 July 2015.

19. Article published on Ascent/Atos ‘Top tips to build personal resilience in the workplace’. Published 13 July 2015

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